Last days in Colorado Springs

Today, Monday, the Fire Observers will start their last full day here in Colorado Springs. Their program will end tomorrow morning, when they swap the fire stations for a touristic trip to Aspen, Arches NP, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, NP and...Las Vegas!

Let's see what they've been doing the last couple of days...:


A 24 hour shift of ride along. Everybody made several runs to various incidents. Jan, who's assigned to station 17, joined C-shift for the annual swift water training session. They went to the Arkansas River in Nathrop where they launched the boat and trained all day long.


In the morning, our boys gathered at HQ. They've visited the 911-center where they were welcomed by the dispatchers. It seems that they've had the best explanation of how calls are handled here in the communications center and they were all impressed of the dispatchers hospitallity.

After 911, they've made a quick stop at the local IAFF for a little chat and shirts.

They also visited the "rescue station". The Colorado Springs firefighters rolled out the big ass rescue truck!

In the afternoon, the Fire Observers went on a hike to Pikes Peak. Awesome environment, beautiful images,...!


Another full day at the stations. Three Belgian firefighters were lucky cause their units went to a large scale exercise in Hanover. CSFD Squad 7, Engine 7, Heavy Rescue 17 and Battalion 2 joined numerous other fire departments for a scenario of a school hit by a tornado. There were 160 people injured or death. CSFD units worked for trauma caren extrications and USAR.


A touristic visit to the city of Denver. More reports on that later...


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